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Inspiring Confidence, Creating Transformation


Inspiring Confidence
Creating Transformation

Are you looking for that special gift for the Motivational Queen in your life? Are you that unique, brave, empowering person?

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Meet the Motivational Queen®

Hey I’m Zoe your Motivational Queen®, the Mindset Expert that delivers powerful results.

Why do I call myself the Motivational Queen®, because I inspire individuals into positive affirmation, and taking action to change their life and help them with accountability to elevate themselves to greatness.

My story inspires others, as I use my vulnerability to openly discuss life’s heartaches, traumas, death threats and adversity that I have faced in my own life. I aim to provide others with ways to strengthen their own mind-set, from a place of sheer adverse experiences.

My story and work have led to delivering motivational keynote talks around the world, which have helped build confidence in women, especially those who have been victims of trafficking, FGM and honour-based violence.

The workshops I deliver have resulted in life-changing positive results.

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How I Can Help You


Zoe is one of the country’s most sought after motivational speakers, she is an inspirational powerhouse for any event.


Book a Masterclass with Zoe and let’s begin your journey. Are you ready?


The Motivational Queen collection provides unique pieces for a daily reminder to be the best version of yourself.

The 9 E’s Excellence Plan ®

The 9 E’s Excellence Plan was created with individuals in mind to create a foundation of learning to build upon for personal growth. Using my depth of knowledge the 9 E’s have successfully delivered outstanding results for my clients, which encapsulates business owners and those who are employed and the unemployed.  Give yourself permission to get started.

Client Testimonials

I am inspired by Zoe Motivational Queen’s passion, energy & commitment. I have been a member on the same project as her on which she has been a key contributor in setting this new initiative, displaying flexible thinking & adaptability. Zoe Motivational Queen is a First Class Networker, looking to see how she can connect others.

Julian Cunningham


After witnessing Zoe’s powerhouse performances at the first 3 sessions of her Motivational Queen Masterclass I was energised. Within that time she inspired me to “get out of my own way,” to challenge myself and I was able to present a more natural professional persona in person and on video. Her passion is infectious and her delivery inclusive. I felt that despite there being so many women in the room, Zoe was addressing me personally. There is a lot more to come but I have benefited so much from attending the masterclass already that I am signed up for the Speaking Masterclass too.

Abbi Head

Designer of Unisex Jewellery

Today i went on Zoe’s Speaking Masterclass; tips, advice, bringing you out of your shell and UNLEASHING the inner you. Thinking about your deliverance, connections, meeting new people, listening and talking about real life, demonstrations and being able to participate. Zoe is real life and relatable, thanks for being you Zoe Bennett, straight to the point and flawless.

Selina Revive

Freelance Hair Stylist

Zoe is truly an inspiration. Her Speaking Masterclass was amazing – insightful, motivating and empowering. I really appreciated her honesty and passion and I took so much away from the session. I can’t wait for the next event!

Melanie Knowles

Pilates Instructor

Had an Hour of Power with the Motivational Queen and yes, she really is! A powerhouse of ideas and energy and a revitalising presence.

Rachel Conlisk


Absolute professional. Very privileged to be working with Zoe on many projects and have been working with her for 4 years now. Seldom do you meet someone with such values and passion to help and support people. I, for one, will always recommend Zoe and endorse all that she does. Keep up the great work, Zoe.

Abid Khan

Senior Partner

I attended Zoe’s ‘Motivational Queen Public Speaking Masterclass’ as I wanted to learn how I could take my delivery, speaking skills and confidence to the next level. Not only did I leave with what I was looking for, but I also left with branding tips, strategy and a new instilled confidence in my abilities and how to enhance my delivery. Zoe brings a wonderful energy and warmth to her sessions and makes every single person in the room feel valued, respected and worthy.  I cannot recommend Zoe Bennett more highly and thank her for what was truly a moment of real change for me.

Rachel A

Mindfulness and Meditation Teacher

I attended Zoe’s speaking masterclass and absolutely loved it! I have taken away the bits that I was missing for my speaking whilst gaining more confidence in myself. I was very impressed with her knowledge and passion to actually help the class achieve what they came. I will be booking on future courses and recommend if you are at the searching stage.

Wayne Evans

I spent a lovely Saturday morning with this inspirational lady on a speaking master class. I would highly recommend anyone who is speaking in public to go. Zoe is a Motivation Queen and the class was brilliant.

Sharon Fell

Revenue Specialist

Anyone who knows Zoe will know she is a bundle of energy, full of ideas enthusiasm and excitement. Zoe is the mastermind of the MBCC awards along with Tru Powell and her fantastic team. The generosity of the MBCC Awards meant that we could take 150 West Midlands Police Cadets to Bear Grylls Adventure Centre for the first time. Zoe is committed to improving the lives of young young people from disadvantaged backgrounds. She understands more than most how challenges and adversity do not define who you are. I consider Zoe to be an incredible role model and advocate for change.

Melissa Tettey


Excellent motivational speaking master class, I would recommend Zoe to anyone who needs to build their confidence with public speaking. It was fun, interactive, and most importantly applicable to all areas of your life not only business. An incredible lady, I can’t thank her enough!

Demia Prince

CEO, Prince's Purpose

We had a fantastic session focusing on confidence, motivation and imposter syndrome. Thank you Zoe Bennett for her fascinating session and for giving us all the motivation we needed – she is of course the Motivational Queen.

Dal Darroch

Head of Diversity & Inclusion Strategic Programmes, The Football Association

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