About Me

Hi my name is Zoe Bennett and you can view a snippet of my story here via the TedX talk I delivered. Click to watch Get Out of Your Own Way.

I am also known as The Motivational Queen. You may ask why do people call me The Motivational Queen? Well..that’s because I Inspire Confidence and Create Transformation in other people through the masterclasses,  1-2-1 mentoring I deliver, my international motivational talks especially on Resilience, Through Adversity Breeds Success, Never Give Up, Networking, I can I will, Entrepreneurship and Employability.

If that was not enough I wrote a book called “Networking Personified” where I provide a no-nonsense straight talking book around business relationship building which has yielded amazing results for my readers.

As I felt the above was not enough I own a personal development training limited company where I deliver soft skills training. You may ask why and my answer to that is why not. We sometimes limit ourselves and believe we must just stay in our lane but if you are multi-faceted then simply why not if you can execute them successfully.

I am a person that takes action and walks the walk and not just talk the talk. How can I tell someone else to go for it if I did not go for it myself. I show others that you can achieve anything you want to and the only limitations out there are those that we put in our own way. Sometimes we may fail but that is okay as success is failure in disguise. What matters is that we dust ourselves off and get back up again and this is exactly what I do. I have been through extreme adversity and I do not hold any shame or guilt and I will openly speak about it as it is not my shame but my perpetrators shame.

I have a desire to make a positive difference in other people’s lives by helping them find a positive out of every situation to help them enrich their lives. I thrive on helping people find their purpose and really delve into what their passion is and aide them into making it their reality as opposed to their false reality lead by other people’s view of what they should be doing or how to live their life. It is all about allowing people to take control of their destiny on their terms as opposed to looking for validation from others. I most definitely encourage people to be uniquely them and put strategies in place to ensure they fulfil this for future growth and inner accomplished peace. Showing people how to own their greatness is a must of which I guide people through the process of being unapologetically uniquely them and own their greatness for their aims, objective and purpose.

Do you truly know what you want from life? Do you need help with clarity within your business? Have you had that important quiet time and really thought about it and then made steps to make it happen? You owe it to yourself to take the time because you are worth it and I can help you on your journey.


As a multi award winning entrepreneur and international speaker I have lived my life being told that I am inspirational and motivational throughout. I have known no other way than to continually motivate myself as well as others. I was very fortunate to have a mentor from a very early age that worked daily on my outlook and interpretation of life and he reinforced the realisation that we all should make a positive contribution in life to make the world not only a better place for myself but for others also. As this has innately become my core essence and I know no other way to be, I carry out many humanitarian activities. As I see all people as one and I lives by taught life lessons such as:- “Treat people the way you would like to be treated” “Synergy not competition” “Strength in numbers” “We all matter, encourage and exude love”. I am told that I have a truly inspirational story of which follows the heartaches, trauma, death threats and adversity in overcoming government obstacles and despite all this I provide strengthened mindset masterclasses, powerful keynote talks and help many with my additional confidence building workshops to women who have been sex trafficked, victim of DV, FGM and honour based violence with successful life changing results. Through my story you will learn strategies and insights on how you can be motivational in a place of self satisfaction that will deliver positive attainable results. You can see a brief interview of the tragic case byclick here.


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