Have you ever been pushed out of your comfort zone or ever put on the spot to deliver an outcome that people already have high expectations from?

Well I was luckily not pushed out of my comfort zone but most definitely put on the spot. However it is a good thing as it helps improve your personal development.

See; the way to always look at things is to see it as a life experience you can always learn from and add to your vault of acquired knowledge and experience.

So last night I went along to a new networking group (One Africa Network) and the atmosphere was vibrant and the room overwhelmingly full to the rafters. You could feel the desire of wanting to connect and get to know other business people and look for this to enhance them and their business.

So after all the scheduled speakers had finished speaking they heard I (The Motivational Queen) was in the room and they asked me to do an impromptu talk about anything to motivate the room.

In good old Zoe style I obliged. How could I say I am a professional international speaker if I can’t stand up on cue and speak without something prepared or written down.

A true professional speaker knows their craft inside out and can speak confidently on any of their fields of expertise but additionally make it relate to the audience in front of them. So throughout listening to the previous speakers and hearing the questions from the audience. I set about giving a talk that filled in all the gaps that I could see the audience was still hungry to hear about and learn from.

The quality of a good speaker is that they must listen to the audience and know what it is they need to hear to give them value that they can go away with and use positively in their life, business or both.

It is okay to feel in-trepidation but Never let it beat you and make you too afraid to push through and push past your uncomfortable barrier. Once you push through that barrier, you will see that there is exhilaration and freedom of that fear on the other side which will fuel you to give other uncomfortable situations a go.

Use the uncomfortable feeling to fuel you to succeed on your own terms for self satisfaction and personal success.

You never know someone else who is uncomfortable could be watching you and looking to you to learn from.

If you find yourself in that situation and you need guidance or an accountability partner find someone that can support you. I have been that support for many of my mentee clients and now they feel as in their own words “comfortably invincible”.