The 9 E's Excellence Plan

The 9 E’s Excellence Plan was created by myself The Motivational Queen using experienced knowledge and has successfully been delivered yielding outstanding results for my clients, which encapsulates business owners and those who are employed and the unemployed.

I have delivered this programme to my 1-2-1 entrepreneur mentees. I also deliver this to business owners at Natwest Bank in Birmingham. I have had 8 contracts with the Department of Work and Pensions and in particular the mental health and hard to reach unemployed and this programme has resulted with over 50% attendees gaining employment.

The 9 E’s Excellence Plan was designed to create an entrepreneurial mindset using a foundational practical lived method that yields positive successful results. It runs over 9 sessions focusing on one E at a time:-

Empowerment – Give yourself permission to get started

Enlightenment – Know what your skills are and if needed up skill where necessary

Engagement – Do you network? Do you know how to? How engaging are you? Are you aware of self? – I have written the book Networking Personified

Enrichment– It is all about mind, body and soul. Are you pacing yourself and prioritising and making sure you are managing your workload (creating work planners)

Expression – Do you contradict your brand? Personal branding. Do you show up the way you say you will and can. Do you represent your company in line with the mission statement.

Efficiency – Attention to detail, what you say and how you say it. The work you produce do you check it over and are you being productive with the time you have.

Encouragement – How do you encourage yourself? Do you encourage and motivate others? How do you stay motivated?

Endurance – Anything worthwhile can be hard work. Perseverance, dedication and commitment are key. Long-term goals.

Education – You never stop learning, do not think you know everything? There is always someone and something to learn from. Reflection, reflection, reflection.

Empowering through motivation creates an inner confidence that fuels the desire to be the best version of self for one’s organisation or for their own entrepreneurial aspirations. The 9 E’s excellence plan provides the tools to overcome and prepare for obstacles and hurdles within business by exploring where one currently is, what is holding them back and what they want to achieve. The plan is highly interactive in format with inter-actional tasks that focus upon levelling up utilising techniques and strategies.

I have delivered this for Natwest throughout 2019 and they have signed up for 2020 and we are currently accepting applications for attendees to start in January 2020 on the Motivational Queen 9 E’s Masterclass. Below is an image of the class 2019 who received their certificates last Thursday. Each session that we conducted we brought in a expert speaker within that particular field that the E pertained to and gave them a 20 minute slot. Each session was from 10am – 1pm.


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