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Why do you think people call you inspirational and motivational?

I believe it is because I go above and beyond for other at all times by trying to set a positive example to others. The way in which I do this is that I get up and do instead of just get up and talk about what I am going to do. Nothing changes without action and I try and show people there are no such things as an excuse when things need to happen. I show people that you can achieve so much if you want to and that is by showing them how multitasking is possible and the positive effect it can have if done right. For example:

  1. I am a multi-award winning international motivational speaker and entrepreneur
  2. I also own my own personal development training company Training Personified www.trainingpersonified.com and via this company I have delivered blended motivational talks with key topic such as leadership to corporate organisation such as Lloyds Bank Group (150 in a room) and also private business owner clients on a 1-2-1 basis. Other blended topics are:-
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Employability
  • Resilience
  • Confidence
  • Leadership
  • Presentation Skills
  1. I am the Founder of the Midlands Business and Community Charity Awards of which recognises and values unsung heroes in the business and community worlds that go the extra mile selflessly. midlandsbccawards.co.uk
  2. I am a trustee board member for NSUN (National Survivors User Network). nsun.org.uk
  3. I have hosted many events, and one in which I extremely proud to host was the West Midlands Police Cadets Awards 2019.
  4. I speak in schools for EmployabilityUK on resilience and self-motivation as well as entrepreneurship.

All the above I do all at the same time to prove that if we put our minds to it we can achieve anything. You have to believe it, create your own opportunities and do it to achieve it.

I decided to never limit myself after going through the horrendous aftermath of the brutal murder of my father where I took the Jamaican Government to an employment tribunal and I won where they had to pay me out. I persevered even after I was receiving death threats and that is when Gavin Williamson MP stepped in who at the time was David Cameron’s Parliamentary secretary and he chaired a meeting for me at the Foreign Office. Not long after one of the murderers received 40 years to life. The MP literally saved my life and that is why I created the MBCC Awards to create a platform to personally say thank you and at the same time give others that platform to say thank you to their unsung hero in their life. Online articles below:-




And also against all odds, I persevered and stood up for what is right. I always aim to do the right thing by others as I truly believe in do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

I am a firm believer that you must not simply do something because you see other people doing it but you must follow your own dreams not someone else’s. Fulfil your destiny and be the best version of you.

How do you impact individuals around you?

I am constantly told that I inspire people and that I encourage them through what I do for them to push through either their adversity or simply their day to day life. I have received many written, verbal and video testimonials to back this up. Attached a couple of testimonials.

I am changing lives through the Removing The Shame and Guilt Conference, and also through the MBCC Awards and also all the initiatives I do.  @rsgsurvivors www.midlandsbccawards.co.uk

What obstacles have you had to overcome

Check out the link below

I was told by my teachers I would amount to be nothing and defied them by obtaining a Masters in Tourism Management.

I was then raped in my own home in my twenties, and the perpetrator served 33 years in prison for this crime.

My father was brutally murdered on the morning I was also due to arrive to be with him.

I had death threats which Staffordshire police substantiated and sent evidence to the British Foreign Office

I was unfairly sacked and told I could not have time off in order to grieve for my father or to attend his funeral. I was harassed continuously by my then employers whilst also being 5 months pregnant.

Why do you do what you do

To send out a message to all those that bully people that the bullies never win. It will also prove to everyone that sheer determination, resilience and believing in what is right will eventually turn around positively.
I like to try and inspire all those that follow me and continually connect with me telling me how inspirational I am to obtain ‘HOPE’ by the positive example I set.

After all the trauma I have been through throughout my life I want to show others that their adversity or failure is success in disguise but it is the way you change it around in your mindset. I also do what I do to carry on my fathers legacy as he started the first West Indian Caribbean Community Centre in Preston with his friends from my grandmothers living room and they dedicated their life to supporting the local community. By persevering and continually doing what I do then my dad has not died in vein; that this story will go on to help encourage and motivate others.

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