Through the company I created I help with providing talks and workshops on resilience, goal setting, confidence, employ-ability, entrepreneurship in schools as well as to charitable organisations by disclosing my background of my not succeeding in school and turning it around to obtain a Masters in Tourism management. Then I use my background of a tragic event to encourage people that no matter how hard it gets, you have control of your destiny. The ultimate message is never give up!!! I exude “warmth, energy and inspiration as I am told by others through various written and video testimonials.

➢ Since 2016 I have been speaking in schools within the Black Country at careers fairs for the DWP Black Country.

➢ I provide motivational talks in schools for EBP (Enterprise and Business Partnership) Walsall who delivers a programmes within schools around entrepreneurship.

➢ I am a resident motivational speaker with EmploybilityUK who work within schools to raise the children’s aspirations.


“Zoe certainly made the students sit up and listen. They didn’t know what to expect from a motivational talk having not had one before. She was engaging, talked at their level and included all the group. It was not a “talking at you” talk or an all about me talk. Yes, she gave the audience a lot of history about herself, what motivated her, but it was clearly about how they can help themselves, believe in themselves and make things happen for themselves. I would have no hesitation in recommending her. My only regret is that she did not have a bigger audience – it would be amazing to see a lot of students (and staff) standing and saying ‘I am awesome’!”

Careers Advisor 

Stoke Park School

Testimonial by


“Zoe is a fantastic motivational speaker who really brings out the best in her audience. Young people can be hard to engage but Zoe has them eating out of the palm of her hand. From a hesitant start, she soon has them on their feet and joining in. An absolute delight to see!

I would wholeheartedly recommend Zoe for any occasion where an entertaining, inspirational and informative input is needed.”


Employability UK -Working with Schools and Colleges across the UK

Testimonial by

Diane Vernon,

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