Zoe Bennett is an International Motivational Speaker that blends both Business and Personal Development. One of her many core topics is “Through Adversity Breeds Success” When she needed support the most whilst also pregnant her employer suspended her the day she brought her father’s body back to the UK. Her specialty looks into when you think life overwhelms you and you cannot see a way of succeeding how you can find the inner motivation, strength, strategy and drive to ensure you are successful even through the toughest times.
* She covers providing the audience with a background of her not succeeding in school and turning it around to obtain a Masters in Tourism management. Then she uses her background of a tragic event to encourage people that no matter how hard it gets, you have control of your destiny whether in your personal life or business life. She explains why it is important to set (realistic) goals and have a clearly defined life strategy. The ultimate message is never to give up!!!

* Zoe Bennett MA has a Masters in Tourism Management and has previously worked within the tourism Industry for 16 years, with a vast amount of knowledge. Zoe then went on to work for the government of Jamaica promoting Jamaica to the UK market within the UK. In her first few months in this post, she was nominated for the TTG Supplier Sales Agent of the Year award 2005.

* Zoe went on to be at the center of a Facebook media scandal. The day she found out her father had been brutally murdered she decided to let her worldwide family members know in one hit that her “father had been murdered in Jamaica that morning”. As she used the word “Jamaica” in the sentence the Jamaica Tourist Board suspended her for bringing “disrepute” to Jamaica when she returned to England heavily pregnant with her father’s body and declined her to have any time off to grieve. After a two year relentless battle Zoe won her case on all counts against the Jamaica Tourist Board.

* Zoe also took on the Jamaican authorities for a second time after her father’s trial was postponed 7 times by marching outside the FCO and starting an online petition amongst other taxing tasks. Her determination and never give up attitude paid off when the murderer was convicted to 40 years to life without parole. As per statistics published by LEP 20 March 2014 “the conviction rate for murder in Jamaica is 5%”.

* Zoe owns her own corporate training company specialising in customer service training, focusing on “being fun, interactive, engaging and being nice to one another and exceeding the customer expectation”. Zoe provides confidence building workshops to women who have been sex trafficked, victim of DV, FGM and honour based violence. Zoe taps into her own experience of DV as a child as well as being sexually assaulted as an adult where the perpetrator served 3 years in prison for the horrendous attack against her.

She has a truly inspirational story which follows the heartaches, trauma, death threats and adversity in overcoming government obstacles from two countries, and how she eventually won justice in both courts. She also shares her adverse childhood to provide encouragement to others that no matter how hard life gets there is always a way forward. Through her story you will learn strategies and insights on how you and/or your company can breed success through adversity. The words that are described about Zoe after she has delivered training or one of her motivational talks is “inspirational” “motivational” “strong individual and “confident”. Zoe is now coined The Motivational Queen. She also has delivered to a FTSE100 company.

* Zoe delivers motivational talks in schools as well as to apprentices. She provides them with employability skills, resilience, and entrepreneurial training as well as delivers goal setting workshops blended with sharing inspirational life lessons.

* Zoe is well connected within the business world and is a member of several different networking groups as well as a delivering partner for the charity Seek for Change and an Ambassador for The Women and Families Resource Centre and a champion for Include Me Too.

* Zoe is also on the advisory board for Women Economic Forum and has spoken at conferences in India, the Netherlands and many events throughout the UK.

* Zoe is the Founder of the MBCC Awards (Midlands Business and Community Charity Awards) which gives all profits to charities. It is a platform for unsung heroes in both the business and community worlds that go the extra mile each day. The awards are designed to recognise and value the efforts people go to selflessly.

* Zoe is the Founder of the Removing the Shame and Guilt Conference for women who suffer physical violence.

* Zoe is the Founder of the Removing the Shame and Guilt Conference for men who suffer physical violence.

* Zoe also offers 1-2-1 mentoring